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QwikTreat MoldStop Hard Surface Disinfectant

 (16.5 oz. Spray Can)

Kills mold and germs on hard surfaces. Prevents mold and mildew and eliminates offensive odors.

This product is a chemical that is applied using an aerosol spray can for the purpose of quickly and efficiently treating hard surfaces. It is perfect for routine usage on smaller areas such as evaporator coils, air handler partitions, metal duct work, and grills. Other mold disinfectants come in concentrates which are mixed with water and are misted throughout huge areas. In addition to questioning the wisdom of spraying large areas with water, (since mold needs only water to grow), these concentrates are inconvenient for use on spot treatments. Like our other IAQ products; size and convenience are what distinguishes our EPA registered MoldStop disinfectant. This product is approved for use by the federal EPA but must also be approved by each states EPA. We are currently obtaining these state approvals and at this time QwikTreat MoldStop is only available for sale in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana.
Directions for Use:
1. Clean object to be sprayed using usual cleaning methods.

2. Hold dispenser upright and spray 6 inches from surface until surface is wet.

3. Allow disinfectant spray to remain on the surface for 10 minutes before wiping off.

4. Repeat application if new growth appears.